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Hybrid Car Review: Hybrid Batteries

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hybrid Batteries

It's often a quoted concern of hybrid owners and hybrid haters, will the battery hold up in hybrid cars, and how much will it cost to replace?

Hybrid batteries work like the lead-acid batteries (in gasoline only cars) in that they produce energy through a chemical process. What's unlike your typical battery, is the hybrid battery is made up of hundreds of cells filled with a nickel metal hydride (NiMH).

From all reports (admittedly from the carmakers themselves), these batteries have been very reliable. They have also been tested by government agencies with great results.

But they are expensive to replace, typically costing two or three thousand dollars. Prices of hybrid batteries should come down as more and more companies get in on the act and that is happening as sales of hybrids continue to increase.

In the meantime, carmakers have been willing to warranty these batteries for a lifetime, i.e. 8 years or 80,000 miles. Note that in California the requirements are for 10 years or 100,000 miles.

If a hybrid battery does die, it can cost thousands to replace. Like all depleted batteries, hybrid batteries should be treated as hazardous waste and recycled. These batteries can be fully recycled, however. Toyota has set a bounty of $200 on hybrid batteries and followed up by placing a phone number on each battery.

Still concerned? Read more: Will the battery in my hybrid keep going? - Ask The ConsumerMan - MSNBC.com

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chaindropz said...

BMW X5 Hybrid has Future Batteries ?

Ultracapacitors are in Transportation today in the Airbus 380
Today it is in the works for ultracaps to turn the starters in cars with a company that produce wiring harness.
Tomorrow will it power Hybrids like the BMW X5
I have been told the Prius has 3 ultracaps.

When I first invested in ultracapacitors it was in the middle of 2000. I did not know that they sold for a dollar a farad. The large 2700 farad capacitors (coke can size) only have about the same energy as an AA battery. The difference is 160 2700 farad ultracaps have been used to power a dragster in a quarter. The current price has dropped to one cent a farad and they say in large orders they will soon be one / half cent a farad. That means the 160 ultracapacitors used to power the dragster have dropped from a price of $432,000. dollars to $4,320.dollars. and soon, if not now will be $ 2,160. dollars for the same 160 Ultracapacitors. Most people don’t need a dragster and space is an issue that BMW has solved with their x5 Hybrid that will burn rubber on all 4 tires after it reaches 60 miles per hour. Hybrids are a dream that I have been dreaming since 2000. Ultracaps. could have a larger share and not totally replace batteries. I think firefly batteries and ultracaps will be the final solution for hybrids.

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