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Hybrid Car Review: Montgomery rolls out hybrid buses

Monday, April 24, 2006

Montgomery rolls out hybrid buses

GM announced the addition of five hybrid buses to the Montgomery County mass transit fleet.

"Montgomery County is a nationally recognized leader in its commitment to environmental quality," said Duncan. "Under our Air Quality Protection Strategy, we have been aggressively acquiring a multi-technology fleet of alternative-fueled vehicles. We are proud to add new, cleaner hybrid buses to help our region meet nationally mandated air quality goals as we lead the way to adopting even more environmentally friendly technologies."

GM on the other hand has sent out hybrid buses (diesel-electric hybrid propulsion) to 36 communities in the US and Canada. GM estimates with over 440 hybrid buses in use, over 650,000 gallons of gas have been saved since 2004. Hybrid buses from GM produce 60 percent fewere oxides of nitrogen emissions and 90 percent fewer particulate, hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions.

Also, hybrids tend to save costs on maintenance with longer oil and transmission life and less wear and tear on brakes. Brakes in hybrids tend to last longer since hybrids partially regenerate their batteries using the brakes.

By the end of the year, another 236 GM hybrid-powered buses are expected to be delivered to several cities.

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