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Hybrid Car Review: Army considers a hybrid HUMVEE

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Army considers a hybrid HUMVEE

The armed forces are always looking to save gasoline in their fighting vehicles. Whether they are improving from four mpg up to five mpg by building a hybrid HEMTT, or creating a hydrogen hybrid, or are dealing with the more efficient HUMVEE (all things are relative), improving mileage improves logistics which saves lives.

When it comes to field action, supplies are almost always the limiting factor. Just ask Patton what he thinks about improving gas mileage.

And so, the armed forces are weighing all options, i.e. hybrids, fuel cells, etc... Whether they go hybrid or not remains to be seen. It all depends on making sure they are producing the best fighting vehicle for the field. If hybrid technology gives them more flexibility and more power, then that's what they'll do.

If we were to compare the army's image of what's important to the civilian hybrids available, I imagine the army is looking for a Honda Accord, a 'performance' hybrid. In the Accord hybrid, the electrica engine is used to supplement the gas engine, getting more for less. By coupling the two engine together, Honda was able to produce its most powerful Accord.

The replacement for the HUMVEE won't be in place until 2012.

Source: Marine Corps Times - Corps eyes hybrid Humvee

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