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Hybrid Car Review: Hybrid Hacking

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hybrid Hacking

CNET has a story on outlining some of the hacks users have made to their hybrids. Some of the possible hacks include:

  • Changing your hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) into a plug-in hybrid (PHEV).
  • Turning off that annoying beep when going in reverse or when you aren't wearing a seat belt.
  • Using the on board navigation system while driving.
  • Installing the switch so that you can drive on all electric power in local driving.

  • Hacking your Prius
    "It's quite a few steps, and you have to turn the car on and off, and you have to get the sequence right, (but) it was a piece of cake," said Pizer. "It reminded me of beta testers. Beta testers in a game will have a 20-step sequence for finding an exploit, and they're bizarre, bizarre sets of steps. It was very much like that, and I loved the idea of people figuring it out."

    BTW, a Toyota spokesman pointed out they took out the switch for all electric driving in the US in order to qualify for the eight year warranty on the car's power system. That, to me, indicates a big warning to anyone who wants to hack these systems for better fuel savings. You may save more on gas now, but wait until the bill comes due for a new battery that much sooner!

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