Emergency workers are worried about hybrid safety ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Emergency workers are worried about hybrid safety

Friday, May 05, 2006

Emergency workers are worried about hybrid safety

Emergency workers were worried about any damage the hybrid car could do to them as they tried to rescue the victim in a recent car crash involving a Prius.
TownOnline.com - Local News: Extra care taken after ’hybrid’ crash

In freeing her from the car, Porter reported the car itself posed the most difficulty.
"These new hybrid cars can make our rescue process after a car wreck slightly more dangerous," Porter said. "Not only do we need to worry about disconnecting the battery, but now we need to worry about the possibility of being electrocuted by [the cars’] additional high-powered electrical system."

The victim said her brakes failed so she ended up crossing through a resident's backyard, eventually coming to rest on its side. The women was unhurt, but firefighters had to break the glass to get her out. The driver was cited for failure to stop or yield.

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