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Hybrid Car Review: Hybrid SUV Market

Monday, May 08, 2006

Hybrid SUV Market

Some interesting changes are occuring in the hybrid market. Back in June 2005 with the introduction of the Toyota Highlander SUV Hybrid, the hybrid SUV market hit 34% of the total hybrid market. From that point, until January, 2006, the SUV market has hovered around 30%. In February, the market increased to 39%. In March, it stayed at 39% and in April, the SUV market has increased to 43%.

Perhaps this shouldn't be surprising since four of the ten hybrids available today are SUVs, but the number of hybrid car types has been increasing, not the number hybrid SUVs. Also, the biggest player, the Toyota Prius, has run into production limits, limiting its market share.

This increase in the hybrid SUV market is related to the increase in gas prices, greater marketing efforts by Toyota and Ford, as well as recent incentives being offered by Ford on its Mercury Mariner Hybrid and Ford Escape Hybrid including 0% financing.

Its unlikely the SUV market will become the majority, simply because of the number of car alternatives are increasing at a faster rate. For instance, the Toyota Camry Hybrid and GS 450h were just introduced into the North American marketplace during the last week in April.

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