GM will continue to build hybrids ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: GM will continue to build hybrids

Thursday, May 11, 2006

GM will continue to build hybrids

GM Chief Executive Rick Wagoner plans on continuing to build hybrids for its favorable image.  Unfortunately, GM doesn't currently make hybrids that project the best image.

Reuters Business Channel |

General Motors Corp. plans to stay in the hybrid vehicle business for the favorable image it projects, Chief Executive Rick Wagoner said in an interview this week, adding that the United States also needs to focus on ethanol to reduce foreign-oil dependency.

GM makes mild hybrids. These vehicles have regenerative braking and the electric motor assists the gas engine. But the vehicle is not capable of being propelled by the electric engine alone as in a full hybrid.

As part of a joint effort called the 'Global Alliance for Hybrid Drive Development,' GM, BMW and DaimlerChrysler recently announced a breakthrough in developing a two-mode hybrid.

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