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Hybrid Car Review: Hybrid trucks for the military

Friday, May 05, 2006

Hybrid trucks for the military

An AP report on hybrid (diesel-electric) trucks in the military brings up some interesting uses. These hybrid trucks, a Heavy Expanded Mobility Technical Truck (HEMTT) being produced by OshKosh Truck, are prototypes. The conventional HEMTT gets 3 to 4 miles per gallon, while the hybrid increases mileage by 20 percent. And, just as a bonus, it generates enough electricity to power a hospital.

Current HEMMT (diesel) costs range from $200K to $400K, but its not clear how much the hybrid version will cost. Implications for military vehicles going hybrid are clear, however. Gas savings can be significant, alongside the utility of a power producing truck capable of heading into danger or emergency zones.

The HEMTT is capable of carrying 13 tons of cargo, and must be capable of going where few others can go (hills, heights, little or no pavement, etc...) The hybrid prototype has a smaller engine, lower center of gravity, produces less noise and is capable of fitting in a third passenger.

OshKosh also produces tow, garbage, concrete mixers and fire trucks, which means developing a hybrid for the military could lead to more advances in hybrid trucks for the future.

Read more about it at Chron.com.

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