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Hybrid Car Review: Hybrids get into the HOV lane in NJ

Friday, May 05, 2006

Hybrids get into the HOV lane in NJ

NJ Turnpike Authority is now allowing hybrid cars into the HOV lane on the NJ Turnpike. Unfortunately, the HOV lane is only available between exits 11 and 14.

Governor Jon S Corzine asked the Authority to authorize hybrids in the HOV lane last week. Yesterday, the Authority voted to allow hybrid vehicles to use the HOV lanes. The governor is hoping to encourage people to use more fuel efficient cars in an effort to combat high gas prices.

Source: AP Report -- Newsday.com

They should have consulted with Virginia's turnpike authority or California's before acting so quickly. It seems that HOV lanes in those states are beginning to get clogged by hybrid cars, which is leading to a backlash on hybrid drivers, who tend to drive the speed limit in order to conserve on gas consumption.

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