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Hybrid Car Review: Toyota Estima Hybrid, a hybrid minivan in Japan

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Toyota Estima Hybrid, a hybrid minivan in Japan

Why don't they release hybrid minivans in the US? I would think they would be a big hit with the 'soccer mom' crowd, but perhaps I'm a little behind the times.

My theory is the SUVs are simply more popular in the US and so automakers, who are looking to sell as may hybrids as possible, have looked to SUVs rather than minivans as the best outlet for hybrid technology. The same goes for family sedans. These are the most popular vehicles on the road in the US, making them the best choice for hybrid technology being integrated into the line-up.

Press Release on the
Toyota Estima Hybrid relaunch

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Anonymous said...

My theory is that car companies can charge more money for SUVs than minivans, and thus they introduce hybrid SUVs first. It is amazing that there are a large number of hybrid SUVs now and ZERO hybrid minivans.

Unknown said...

I can't really argue with that. But I would also point out the difference in sales for SUVs and minivans. Minivan sales are declining, while SUV sales (or at least CUV sales) keep climbing. Somehow, that factors into the decision making.

As further proof, look at the models Toyota, Nissan and Honda chose to put hybrids into: Camry, Altima, Accord and Civic.

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