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Hybrid Car Review: Whoops, we ran out

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Whoops, we ran out

I don't think it's all that hard to tell the difference between a hybrid and a non-hybrid vehicle, but maybe that's because I'm so interested in them. For metermaids (is that the PC term now?), who are a little bit busy and too stressed out as it is, I can imagine it's easy to miss the hybrid badge on some hybrid cars.

In New Haven, hybrid car owners get to park at metered spots for free, although they are not exempt from the time limit. Unfortunately, they ran out of the stickers hybrid owners placed on their windows, and so new owners are getting ticketed. Fortunately for them, they can appeal at no cost and will have their tickets dismissed.

The policy on free parking for hybrids in New Haven ends on June 30th. On June 15th, a reauthorization hearing will be held. In the meantime, temporary permits are being handed out.

BTW, only 100 stickers were handed out, and only 10 or so people have had to appeal when ticketed. I wonder if others simply paid the fines, rather than skip out on work that day to protest it?

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