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Hybrid Car Review: Hybrid Bus coming to your town soon?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hybrid Bus coming to your town soon?

I suppose it is possible that local towns will want to make a statement about environmental issues and start going hybrid. But at twice the price, that's going to be a hard pill to swallow at your local town meeting.

Even at 40 percent savings on fuel costs, without grants from the state or federal level, I can't imagine most schools will choose to go elsewhere with their budgets.

Source:WTEN, Albany, NY: Hybrid Bus Highlights "Super Bowl" for School Bus Junkies

The cost of a hybrid is double what you would pay for a normal diesel bus; 160-thousand bucks for one of the buses on display.

Shenendehowa, the largest district in the area, will try out the hybrid for several months. Because Shen's bill for diesel fuel is up 50 percent this year, that is an extra 200-grand.

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