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Hybrid Car Review: Hybrid car owners are loyal car owners

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hybrid car owners are loyal car owners

According to the American International Automobile Dealers Association (AIDA) newsletter, hybrid owners are loyal owners according to a study by the Power Information Network (PIN) (link is pdf).

74.3% percent of Toyota Prius owners traded their vehicles in for another Toyota vehicle. 41.9% re-acquire a Prius. "Owners of all three Honda-badged hybrids are moreloyal than the typical Honda driver. Six of every 10 owners of the Civic Hybrid and Accord Hybrid trade for another Honda or Acura, a corporate retention rate exceeded only by owners of the Odyssey and Pilot."

Given how satisfied hybrid owners are, that shouldn't be a suprise. Also, I would have to believe hybrid owners would look for another hybrid to buy. Given the relatively few choices available to them, it's not surprising how loyal hybrid owners are to Honda and Toyota.

BTW, in the same report from PIN, there's bad news for US carmakers. According to their study, nine of the ten models with the highest percent of buyers 25 years old and younger are foreign imports. The Dodge Neon was knocked off of the list by the Toyota Yaris. The sole remaining domestic car was the Cobalt.

The Scion topped the list and the proportion of young buyers was greater than one third its nearest competition.

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