2007 Toyota Prius and the Touring Edition ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: 2007 Toyota Prius and the Touring Edition

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

2007 Toyota Prius and the Touring Edition

Toyota announced it is raising the price of the 2007 Prius by 2.1 percent, raising the price for the base model by $450 to $22,175. The Touring Model will be set at $23,070.

The Prius has been selling out of stock for months now. Given the limited supply (mostly it comes to how many batteries can be supplied for all of the hybrid cars being made), it makes sense for Toyota to raise the price now, although some of the incentive may slip away given the hybrid tax credit will be getting cut in half at the end of September on all Toyota and Lexus hybrid models.

For their part, Toyota is introducing the new Touring Edition, sporting larger wheels (16-inch alloy wheels), a larger rear spoiler, high density discharge headlamps (HID) and foglamps and a stiffer suspension.

Don't forget about all those extras, too. If you want leather seats, nav system, rear camera, etc... your price tag is only going to go up.

The Toyota Camry Hybrid price is staying at $25,900 for next year.

Source: Chicago Tribune (registration required)

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