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Hybrid Car Review: Hypermiling at 150 mpg

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hypermiling at 150 mpg

As hard as it is to believe, the hypermilers are trying to do even better. In a celebration of the Honda Insight and its capabilities, a group of six men are attempting to travel 2000 miles on one tank of gas. They, if they do it, will come in at 150 mpg in an unmodified Honda Insigt.

They are driving in shifts around a 40 mile 'track' of highway in Tulsa, Oklahoma. By going around this loop 50 times, they will complete their journey.

You can read more about their attempt at about: Hypermilers Attempting to Maintain 150 MPG for 2000 Miles or you can go directly to the source and read their posts on the matter at the forum cleanmpg.com. Stats and pictures are being posted.

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