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Hybrid Car Review: What do hybrid buyers worry about

Thursday, September 28, 2006

What do hybrid buyers worry about

CNN ran a story on what people who buy hybrid cars are worried about and they seem to have a fair and balanced view. Here are the seven major worries CNN feels people have:
1. Worry: Hybrids have complicated technology that is difficult or expensive to fix
2. Worry: Hybrids have limited battery pack life
3. Worry: Hybrids have technical problems like stalling and sputtering
4. Worry: Hybrids do not pay for themselves to justify their premium cost
5. Worry: Hybrids do not offer the driving performance needed
6. Worry: Hybrids will not hold resale value
7. Worry: Hybrids do not get the level of mileage promised

I might add something to that list. Hybrid car buyers are worried about the tax credit available from the federal government. It's not easy to figure out how to fill in your tax form as it is. And they are worried how they're going to deal with this new wrinkle.

Also, some worry about safety when it comes to hybrids involved in crashes. Since there is a bigger battery involved, it's a legitimate concern for emergency response teams, but that's a worry that is being applied to all new cars. ER personnel are very worried about all the new features, especially airbags, when cutting into a car.

Source:Hybrids: Seven worries, seven answers - Sep. 27, 2006

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