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Hybrid Car Review: Bob Stempel pushes for hybrids

Monday, October 23, 2006

Bob Stempel pushes for hybrids

Former GM Bob Stempel wants automakers to focus on hybrid electric vehicles, rather than just waiting for fuel cell technology. He believes by focussing in on hybrid technology today, carmakers will benefit in the transition to hydrogen later on.

The theory is this. By educating consumers on the advantages of change, they will be ready to transition to fuel cells later on.

Source: Fuel Cell Today - Car makers urged to focus on hybrid development to speed up fuel cell adoption

"We want automakers to use hybrids as a transition to hydrogen fuel cells and to introduce hydrogen power to increase consumer awareness," he told the newspaper.

"With more awareness comes more demand and with more demand, more companies will be willing to accelerate plans to add hydrogen pumps. Hydrogen stations are the key to this.

Bob Stempel is not an unbiased bystander, however. He is the current chief executive of Energy Conversion Devices, a company that manufactures conversion devices designed to allow conventionally-powered cars into a hybrid hydrogen system.

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