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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hybrid Car Search Engine

In an attempt to use the new google coop search engine (see the search box above) to find relevant results for people looking for information about hybrid cars, I created a new search engine emphasizing certain sites I look to when I look for information about hybrid cars.

By emphasizing, I mean those sites will come up at the top of the list, but google still searches the whole world wide web.

That new search engine can be accessed here at my site or on its own home page, but I'm looking to you, my readers, to point me in the right direction as to other sources of information.

The sites I'm currently "emphasizing" are:

But these were just the ones I thought of off the top of my head. Are there other sites out there you think I should include? Let me know and I'll add them in.

* Update *
I added in several new sites, based on feedback (and good old common sense): treehugger.com, cleanmpg.com, hybridcars.about.com, and hybridcars.com.

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Anonymous said...

Autoblog? That site has so much misinformation and hybrid bashing, it's nuts.

I'd certainly add rmi.org to the list, since they were pretty much the main thrust behind the hybrid concept from many years back.

It might also be helpful to include the various carsharing organizations out there which have an extensive number of hybrids in their fleets.

Great use of the new Google feature, btw. Kudos.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the Kudos!

I'm a little bit confused about the autoblog bashing comment, however. Am I missing something. Keep in mind I'm relatively new at looking for hybrid info (about a year now) and if there was something I missed previously, please let me know. But didn't they just create autobloggreen?

I added rmi.org to the list. But which carsharing orgs are you referring to? Having no experience with them, I don't know if I could pick them out.

Anonymous said...


I put in on the other site but thought you might see it here first.

Anonymous said...

But which carsharing orgs are you referring to?

The two biggest ones in North America are Flexcar and Zipcar. If you go to carsharing.us, there's a lot of information on others out there.

Anonymous said...

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