GM PHEV ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: GM PHEV

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


GMs big announcement today at the Los Angeles Auto Show involved plug-in hybrid technology and, surprisingly, the Saturn Vue. Chief Executive Rick Wagoner announced GM will develop a plug-in version of the Vue when the battery technology is there.

"The technological hurdles are real, but we believe they also are surmountable," Wagoner said.

Predictions set the plug-in front-drive, V-8 two-mode hybrid Vue would get 70 mpg. Considering the Saturn Vue Hybrid (Greenline) gets 32 mpg highway, 27 mpg in the city, that would be quite an improvement.

Source: MSN Money Central

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Brant said...

Rick also shoved a guy that snuck onto the stage after his key note to ask GM to become the leader in fuel economy by 2010:

Unknown said...

I heard about the heckler, but I didn't hear about the shoving.

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