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Hybrid Car Review: Volkswagen hybrids

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Volkswagen hybrids

Volkswagen is looking to make a splash in the hybrid car marketplace by designing their own hybrid system. According to the German trade magazine AUTOMOBIL-PRODUKTION, VW wants to place a hybrid engine into the VW Golf.

First tests show a twenty five percent savings in fuel economy. The VW "Mega" hybrid weighs 65 kilogrammes, some 35 kilogrammes lighter than the system used in the Toyota Prius.

They are replacing the tooth wheel system or gearshift enplaced in current hybrids with an electric transmission and a variable gearbox system. The entire VW hybrid is no bigger than a four-gear transmission and can be switched into different modes from micro-hybrid with start-stop functions, mild-hybrid that converts braking energy and full hybrid allowing drive with electric energy. By reducing the weight, VW is looking to increase fuel savings on the highways, rather than just in stop and go traffic.

Source: VW Developing New Hybrid System - Biz News - - Business & World

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