GM Update on the Volt and PHEV Saturn Vue ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: GM Update on the Volt and PHEV Saturn Vue

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

GM Update on the Volt and PHEV Saturn Vue

GM wants everyone to know they are working on bringing concepts like the Volt and the plug-in electric hybrid (PHEV) Saturn Vue into production. Apparently, they have been accused of 'greenwashing' the public (I like that... greenwashing. I need to remember that one).

So, what are they doing to make these ideas a reality?

  • Invested in an upgrade to battery testing and development facilities
  • Dedicated a battery team, with plans to increase staffing by 30% (over two years)
  • Promoted Denise Gray to be the new "battery czar," i.e. Director of Energy Storage Systems
  • Cobasys/A123Systems and Johnson Controls-Saft received development contracts for lithium-ion batteries
  • Testing to begin on the batteries for the Vue Plug-In Hybrid by the end of this year
  • first demonstration vehicles that use E-Flex.
  • Formed a special executive leadership council for the E-Flex program

GM seems to be taking this pretty seriously. Given their lackluster performance so far in hybrid technology, I believe most people will take a wait and see attitude, however.

GM Source: GM FastLane Blog: Getting a Jolt From Volt

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