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Monday, February 12, 2007

List of Hybrid Cars

With so many new hybrid cars coming in 2007, I'm having trouble keeping track of them. So, here's my list of new hybrids, along with a list of the hybrids already available.

I'm leaving out the current hybrid trucks on purpose, given their mild status. But of course, that means I should probably be taking out the Vue et al, but... it's my list and I'll do what I want with it.

Planned launch dates of the vehicles with hybrid powertrains in 2007

Nissan Altima Early 2007
Chevrolet Malibu Mid 2007
Lexus 600h Mid 2007
Mazda Tribute Hybrid Mid 2007
Saturn Aura Green Line Mid 2007
GMC Yukon Late 2007
Chevrolet Tahoe Late 2007
Cadillac Escalade Late 2007
Dodge Durango Late 2007
Audi Q7 Late 2007

Currently Available Hybrid Cars:
Toyota Prius Aug, 2000
Toyota Highlander Hybrid June, 2005
Toyota Camry Hybrid April, 2006
Ford Escape Hybrid Oct, 2004
Mercury Mariner Hybrid Nov, 2004
Saturn Vue Green Line Sep, 2006
Honda Civic Hybrid 2002
Honda Insight 1999
Honda Accord Dec, 2004

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