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Hybrid Car Review: Honda Wants to Mass Produce Hybrid Cars

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Honda Wants to Mass Produce Hybrid Cars

Mass Production of Honda CivicI would think mass production of a car would be second nature to car makers, but according to Chief Executive Takeo Fukui, "Right now, the Civic hybrid is pretty much hand-made." But with a new hybrid 'family car' coming in 2009 from Honda, they are looking to cut costs on production.

Which means they are looking to produce more hybrid cars than ever before.

According to Honda, they don't make any money on sales of hybrid cars, because the hybrid engine is more expensive. But if they mass produce the next hybrid car, their goal of a just $1,750 will be low enough to cover the running costs. (Note: Consumers who buy Honda hybrids are about to start losing out on their federal tax credits, so a lower premium for their hybrid cars would be good from another perspective.)

And if that wasn't good enough, if gas prices continue to rise, Honda may pair a diesel engine with an electric motor. (I would imagine it would have to rise significanlty, given that every quote I've ever seen on hybrid electric diesels means you have to double the premium paid to build the engine).

Fukui also said he was "not sure what kind of real advantages they would have," when asked about plug-in hybrids.

Source: Honda sees big hybrid volume push with next model | Reuters

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