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Hybrid Car Review: Is President Bush Addicted to Oil or Not?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Is President Bush Addicted to Oil or Not?

President Bush State of the Union AddressAnd I thought Bush was serious about our 'addiction to oil' when he made his State of the Union speech. Apparently not, given he is already threatening to veto a tougher CAFE standard as it passed in the Senate.

Allan Hubbard, director of the president’s National Economic Council, wrote to Congress the other day to let them know the administration would recommend a veto if cars and trucks are combined under the new CAFE standards.

It seems that Targeting Toyota and Toyota's two-sided approach to the environment won't make a difference in the long run if enough Republicans line up behind President Bush.

A little bit of history:
The Senate passed a stricter CAFE standard, 35 mpg for cars and trucks by 2020. The House didn't even include standards in their version of the Energy Bill, although a joint committee has to reconcile the differences between the two bills. Which means the House could accept the standard set by the Senate. A compromise bill has been proposed setting the standard at 32 mpg by 2022 if 'technically feasible', while Bush has threatened all along to veto any standard since he thinks the standards should be set by the Executive Branch.

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Unknown said...

Yes, Bush is Addicted to oil - but unlike most people, it's an addiction that actually makes him richer.

Americans who favor a strong, clean Energy Bill need to make their opinions heard especially now. The Corporate Average Fuel Economy standard and Renewable Electricity Standard are important provisions to get into the new Energy Bill of 2007.

Here is a petition you can send to Congress:

Energy Bill 2007

Pass it on!

Lorna Li | Green 2.0

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