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Hybrid Car Review: Toyota Loses Appeal to Paice LLC Patent Infringement

Friday, October 19, 2007

Toyota Loses Appeal to Paice LLC Patent Infringement

Toyota just isn't having a good month. Not only have they lost several high ranking executives, they've also reaped protests from environmentalist groups (Also see Target Toyota) over their support of weaker CAFE standards. Then Toyota lost their automatic recommendation from Consumer Reports over the less than stellar reports on their Camry V-6 and Tundra V-8. And now the word is out they lost an appeal over a $4.23 million award on a patent infringement case.

Paice LLC sued Toyota back in 2004 over a patent infringement related to their Hybrid Synergy Drive. The jury sided with Toyota on two out of the three patents, but ultimately awarded $25 per vehicle sold with the one patent they felt had been infringed upon. The vehicles affected were the Prius II, Highlander Hybrid and Lexus RX400h.

The US Appeals Court for the Federal Circuit ruled the court was correct in its ruling, but sent it back for reconsideration of the penalty. Since the Texas court did not give any reasoning for its $25/car verdict, the Appeals court asked the Texas court to look it over once again.

Both Paice and Toyota have appealed the ruling.

I can't help wonder if the lawyers on this case are going to take home more than $4 million in pay, making this a lose-lose case for both companies?

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