Manchester Defeats Tax Credit in CT ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Manchester Defeats Tax Credit in CT

Friday, October 19, 2007

Manchester Defeats Tax Credit in CT

It seems Manchester has decided not to enact the city wide hybrid car tax credit. In a vote of 2-7, town directors defeated the proposal made by Republican Director Matthew B. Peak.

The tax credit, if enacted, would have cost $7,500 in the first year.

"Everybody would get more in terms of better health," Peak said, arguing for the measure during the board's Oct. 9 meeting. "This is not a something-for-nothing trade."
But the others disagreed saying other incentives already exist, including a state sales tax exemption. One town director, Republican Director Cheri Ann Pelletier, said she couldn't back it since the state, although it allowed the exemption to be enacted, wasn't funding the exemption.

Source: Journal Inquirer - Hybrid tax credit defeated

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