GM Sees Little Potential in Europe ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: GM Sees Little Potential in Europe

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

GM Sees Little Potential in Europe

GM, like Ford, sees little potential for hybrids in Europe.

According to Rita Forst, GM Powertrain Europe's head of product engineering, "Hybrids likely will remain niche products because of their higher cost but we are flexible and we will have the ability to offer hybrid cars."

And so, GM is willing to restrict themselves to mild or micro hybrids with start-stop technology along with regenerative braking. Europe is dominated by diesels, making it harder for GM and Ford to attempt to move the market onto hybrids.

The attitude from Ford and GM is surprising given the success Toyota has had so far in Europe, especially the UK. With stricter emissions rulings coming and congestion zones impacting car buyers choices, I would think hybrids, now that they have them, would be a good choice for them to pursue.

Source: GM sees only small potential for hybrids in Europe - Automotive News Europe

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