All Politics Are Local Hybrids: Take Two in Vernon CT ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: All Politics Are Local Hybrids: Take Two in Vernon CT

Thursday, January 10, 2008

All Politics Are Local Hybrids: Take Two in Vernon CT

Vernon CT Town HallBack in September of 2007, Vernon, CT city council voted 6-5 in favor a tax break for owners of hybrid cars. Unfortunately, they needed seven votes to pass the ordinance. Three months later, the tax exemption was back on the agenda, but once again failed to pass muster.

This time, Mayor McCoy asked to have the measure set aside, once he realized he would be short on votes again. The Republicans on the council favor the measure, while the Democrats oppose it. There are eight Republicans and four Democrats, but unfortunately for the Mayor and the bill, two of the Republicans were absent when the item came up to vote.

The proposal will exempt $1,000 of a vehicles value from the property tax in Vernon, giving owners a $32.91 in savings. There are currently 371 hybrid vehicles in Vernon that would qualify for the savings.

Republicans feel the tax exemption would help out in a local way in our dependence on oil. Democrats feel the tax relief would go to higher income residents who can afford the hybrid cars. They feel the tax burden would then be shifted to lower income families.

Source: Journal Inquirer - Hybrid tax exemption put on hold again

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