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Hybrid Car Review: Nissan Infiniti Hybrid Plans

Monday, January 14, 2008

Nissan Infiniti Hybrid Plans

Nissan has been reluctant, to say the least, when it comes to selling hybrid cars. Claiming they are not profitable, Nissan released the Nissan Altima Hybrid using Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive, but has limited the numbers and the places it is sold. But Nissan has been working on their own hybrid technology, and has promised to have a true Nissan hybrid car by 2010.

And now Nissan is indicating how they plan on making hybrid cars profitable. By putting the new hybrid system into the high-end Infiniti and other pricier rear-wheel-drive vehicles, Nissan hopes they can sell hybrid cars and still make money. (Source: Reuters)

"It's easier to absorb the cost of the system with more expensive cars," Executive Vice President Mitsuhiko Yamashita told Reuters in an interview at the North American International Auto Show.

Nissan is also hoping to emphasize the fuel economy gains by putting the hybrid system into rear-wheel drive cars, since they tend to get worse mileage.

Nissan does not plan on placing the hybrid system into smaller cars, given the cost to produce. They are considering electric engines for smaller cars instead.

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Anonymous said...

It goes to show how shitty Nissan is as a car company that they are not willing to put hybrid powerplants in cars like their Sentra or Versa...well done Nissan for being so lame....and for clearly show how far behind and inferior you are to companies like Toyota and Honda.

You can bet you'll never have me as a customer.

Unknown said...

Not that I disagree with how far behind Nissan is when it comes to R&D, but you have to understand what happened. Nissan has struggled to catch up since their R&D money dried up after they almost went bankrupt.

Now they are on a firmer footing, and they can start putting money back in to develop better cars.

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