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Hybrid Car Review: BMW Hybrid X5 They Call Vision

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

BMW Hybrid X5 They Call Vision

BMW Hybrid X5BMW is introducing the concept of a mild active hybrid in the X5 Hybrid they call Vision at the Geneva Auto Show. This diesel hybrid electric comes with a 2.0-liter diesel engine with twin variable-geometry turbochargers and direct injection for plenty of power (204 hp) and torque (295 lb-ft). But coupled with a electric motor-generator powered by a lithium-ion battery pack which gives you and extra 20 hp and 155 lb-ft, the engine can deliver 36 mpg combined city/highway with emissions of only 172 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer.

The concept vehicle also comes with 10.8 square feet of solar cells on the top roof, capable of powering audio devices or mobile phones. It is also used to power pre-heaters for the transmission fluid and diesel fuel, which helps out when the car is started, boosting efficiency the way a block heater would.

The lithium ion (Li-Ion) battery pack can be recharged by the diesel engine or through regenerative breaks. The X5 Vision Hybrid comes with all wheel drive and is an eight-speed automatic transmission. The mild hybrid comes in using start/stop technology. And it seats seven comfortably.

The 120 volt system has been set to support moving electricity from the two lithium-ion battery packs into the various components including the electronic damper control (EDC) system. The electric system also powers the air conditioning and other systems when the engine is turned off.

The hybrid powertrain is a result of the work with GM and Daimler, which GM and Daimler are using to produce their two-mode hybrid SUVs and trucks.

BMW X5 Hybrid Under the HoodOne other fine feature is the 19 inch wheels that have been designed to lower wind resistance. According to BMW, the wheels are capable of reducing the load on the engine by 1 hp when the car is traveling at 100 mph. The wheels themselves are low-rolling resistance tires from Firestone.

"This is no pie-in-the-sky project," says Klaus Draeger, head of development at BMW. "All of the features are production-feasible. We could easily and without too much delay apply the various technology featured on our latest concept to existing showroom models."

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