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Hybrid Car Review: Lotus Starts Their Own Hybrid and Electric Research and Development

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lotus Starts Their Own Hybrid and Electric Research and Development

Lotus has started their own hybrid and electric vehicle R&D Group. With the importance of hybrid and electric vehicles becoming more apparent and with the increasing amount of consultancy project work in this area, a separate R&D group has become necessary.

Hybrid and electric cars are nothing new to Lotus. Last year, they brought their prototype hybrid Proton Gen. 2 they called EVE (short for Efficient, Viable and Envrionmental) to the Geneva Auto Show. They also provide the platform for the electric Tesla Roadster.

"We have an intensely proactive growth plan over the next five years," said Mike Kimberley, Chief Executive Officer for Group Lotus. “Indeed, Lotus will reinforce its position as a world leader in green transport engineering."

Phil Barker was appointed as Chief Engineer of Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technologies. He will report to Castleton-White in Powertrain. The former design and engineering consultant will have full responsibility over research and development at the newly formed center.

"We already have an incredibly strong team of engineers working in this area," said Barker. "The formalization of this group further enhances our ability to provide both low CO2 and zero emissions vehicle solutions to our clients."

"We are committed to driving forward with green technology for both Lotus Cars and our Engineering clients," said Castleton-White in a statement. "We have made significant developments over 20 years in hybrid and electric vehicle technologies with recent examples being the Lotus EVE (Efficient, Viable, Environmental) hybrid technology demonstrator and the Low CO2 project undertaken in collaboration with Continental Division Powertrain."

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