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Hybrid Car Review: The First Hybrid Beverage Truck

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The First Hybrid Beverage Truck

Diesel Hybrid M2e Drop-Frame Beverage TruckHybrids are coming out of the wood work lately. Freightliner has built the first Business Class M2e drop-frame beverage trucks with diesel electric hybrid powertrains. M2e hybrid utility bucket trucks are also available.

The diesel hybrid gets 30%-50% better fuel economy, but still gets 300 hp and 620 lb ft of torque from the diesel engine. The electric motor helps out with another 60 hp and 300 lb ft torque.

"The vehicle you see here is the first drop-frame hybrid beverage truck every built," Melissa Kellogg, director of product marketing for Freightliner announced during a press conference this afternoon. "The beverage industry benefits a great deal from hybrids, as does any industry that has their trucks make frequent stops, such as any pickup and delivery operation."

The electric motor is powered by lithium-ion batteries (all 200 pounds of them) and are expected to last up to seven years. The batteries are located up front just under the roof.

Oh, and they are for sale. At $40,000 more than a traditional vehicle, the premium may be hard to swallow. But government incentives in the US can offset up to 80% of the charge. In Canada, fuel savings may realistically make up the difference according to Freightliner officials.

Sources: Today's Trucking: The Online Business Resource for Canada's Trucking Industry and - Truck News - 2/27/2008

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