PEGOS From US Hybrid and SwRI ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: PEGOS From US Hybrid and SwRI

Friday, February 22, 2008

PEGOS From US Hybrid and SwRI

US HybridUS Hybrid has licensed a parallel hybrid drive system for use in commercial delivery vehicles, ports, off-road and GSE vehicles. In house testing on a mid-size sedan showed a 40-50% improvement in fuel economy (city).

The system was developed at the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI).

What this means to you: hybrid systems are going to really start taking off in more places, not just buses and passenger vehicles.

Press Release Follows:

NEW YORK - (Business Wire) US Hybrid Corporation announced today that it has received a license to use and commercialize the Southwest Research Institute’s (SwRI) patented PECOS (Parallel Hybrid Electric Combination of Speeds) parallel hybrid drive system. The PECOS system offers a unique parallel/series hybrid solution utilizing a planetary system and is capable to operate in a parallel, series or pure EV mode.

US Hybrid is commercializing the patented hybrid system technology for use in commercial delivery vehicles, ports, off-road and GSE vehicles. “The PECOS system offers cost-effective hybrid solutions with substantial fuel economy improvement and emission reduction. The initial product development focus is for port operation support vehicles and off-road commercial vehicles,” said Dr. Abas Goodarzi, President and CEO of US Hybrid.

The PECOS system was developed and tested at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) in an internally funded project. Chassis testing of the powertrain on a mid-sized vehicle produced fuel economy benefits in the range of 40 percent to 50 percent for city driving.

US Hybrid will provide an integrated hybrid solution for commercial and off-road vehicles to enhance fuel economy and reduce emissions. The PECOS system does not need a clutch or torque converter to launch the vehicle and has only one electric machine for both parallel and series hybrid operation. The use of off-road vehicles is regulated near some populated areas such as ports and construction sites. The PECOS hybrid system provides a commercially viable hybrid solution to meet the 2010 emission requirements.

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