Mercedes to Offer Hybrid S-Class in 2009 ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Mercedes to Offer Hybrid S-Class in 2009

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mercedes to Offer Hybrid S-Class in 2009

Mercedes hybrid S-ClassAs previously noted, the Mercedes S-Class hybrid will be in Europe by June, 2009. By September, 2009, it will be offered in the U.S. The mild hybrid will increase the fuel efficiency of the luxury sedan over 29 mpg, according to the engineers.

The S-Class can also produce 299 hp and go from 0-60 in 7.3 seconds. While not a full hybrid, the new hybrid from Mercedes will have a lithium-ion battery pack, rather than the nickel metal hydride battery packs currently seen in hybrid cars. That's a big improvement, since the lithium-ion battery pack is more powerful as well while being half the size.

The mild hybrid engine is being built in Germany, while the battery pack is being built in France by Johnson Controls and Saft Advanced Power Solutions. The plant making the battery packs is being set to build 5,000 packs a year, so don't expect the S-Class Hybrid to have huge sales numbers. Of course, you could probably figure that out based on the $100K pricetag.

Unlike most of their competitors, Mercedes expects to make a profit on their hybrid cars right away.  Why?  Because they can place a $14,000 premium on their hybrid cars and the buyers aren't even going to blink.

Germany's Auto Motor und Sport says Mercedes will introduce a new hybrid each year beginning with the S 400, and it says one of every five cars it sells will be a hybrid by 2015. (via Wired)

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