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Hybrid Car Review: Governor Wants NY to Become Center of Plug-In Development

Friday, January 09, 2009

Governor Wants NY to Become Center of Plug-In Development

In his State of the State Address, Governor Paterson called on NY to position itself in the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle market.

"The future of America’s energy and transportation policies rests on the development of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles," Paterson said. "The state that positions itself in this market will revitalize its economy for years to come."

"The road to economic recovery goes straight through New York,'' Paterson said. "The heads of the three big auto companies figured out that they shouldn't go to Washington in their Lear jets. Well, maybe they went to the wrong place. They should have come to New York. We're already a leader in clean energy initiatives and if we can make a breakthrough in hybrid electric batteries, we may play a significant role in helping America's auto industry move toward a more energy efficient future."

Governor Paterson wants the state of NY to develop a new high-efficiency battery for plug-in hybrid cars through the creation of a NY Energy Policy Institute. The Institute would coordinate the knowledge base and expertise of NY's higher education institutions. The Institute

Spokesman Lynch said the Institute could include the Capital Region, the STEP park and universities across upstate. It's possible that 50,000 new jobs could be created.

Sources: Daily Gazette, Forbes, and the Post Journal.

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