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Hybrid Car Review: Ford CEO Personally Thanks Ford Fusion Hybrid Buyer

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Ford CEO Personally Thanks Ford Fusion Hybrid Buyer

Ford CEO Alan Mulally called up to thank one of his new customers personally. Is this the beginning of a new trend? Given how hard the industry is being hit right now, it's probably a great idea for all of the executives at the car makers to get on the phone right now and start making calls.

The reason this story caught my attention is, of course, the customer in question was buying a Ford Fusion Hybrid. The reason the story got into the paper is two fold.

One, the customer decided to buy a Ford Fusion Hybrid over the Toyota Prius, even though the Fusion Hybrid isn't available until this spring.

Which brings up an issue with hybrid car sales right now. Despite the quite reasonable assumption that hybrid car sales have dropped because 1) gas prices are still down, although they certainly seem to be creeping back up and 2) the overall industry is down, there is one other factor that has to be weighing in on buyers minds.

There are three very exciting hybrids on the way right now. The new Toyota Prius, which has upped the fuel economy ante to 50 mpg; the new Honda Insight, which not only will be a dedicated hybrid, but the cheapest to purchase (which will force everyone else to look closely at how much they're willing to charge for their hybrids); and last but not least, the new Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan Hybrids which, if you go out and get your name down on one now, will still qualify you for the full federal tax credit, something Honda and Toyota hybrid buyers can no longer state.

Source: Ford boss thanks man who picked Fusion over Prius | | The Detroit News

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