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Hybrid Car Review: Toyota Limited in Fight Against Paice LLC Lawsuit

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Toyota Limited in Fight Against Paice LLC Lawsuit

Toyota is facing a patent lawsuit from Paice LLC. It's a case they've already lost, but one in which the number of cars was expanded upon. Word has just been released that Toyota will be limited in their ability to defend themselves further against Paice.

Toyota won’t be able to challenge the validity or infringement of patents owned by Paice LLC during an April hearing on the dispute, U.S. International Trade Commission Judge Theodore Essex said in an order dated March 3 and made public today.
In other words, since the courts already decided the patent has been infringed upon, Toyota can't use this trial to once again fight against it.  Toyota can make the argument that Paice cannot keep them from importing their hybrid vehicles.

That's kind of a big deal, since that's the big stick Paice is using to force the issue.  Just take a moment and think about what it would mean if a judge decided to order Toyota to stop importing any of their hybrids.

The case been around for years now. For more information, you can follow the links below:
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