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Hybrid Car Review: Ford's Hybrid Research Vehicle

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ford's Hybrid Research Vehicle

On Wednesday, Ford revealed it's ethanol hybrid at hte Washington Auto Show. It's a mixture of hybrid technology with a twist. Instead of running with a hybrid of gas and electric, it's an ethanol mix and electric hybrid. The ethanol mix would be 15% gas and 85% ethanol, a corn based additive. This vehicle is not slated for production as Ford feels that without more ethanol pumps, what would be the point?

Critics of ethanol vehicles point out ethanol may take more energy to produce than it provides. Proponents want to move away from dependence on foreign oil, and ethanol is clean burning.

For more details, read the AP report on Yahoo.

In related news, GM has announced (1/25/06) a campaign to promote the use of ethanol/gasoline blends. They are promising nine "FlexFuel Models", bringing their E85 fleet up to 400,000.

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