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Hybrid Car Review: EZ Pass discount for hybrid drivers

Friday, March 24, 2006

EZ Pass discount for hybrid drivers

Governor Pataki is expected to approve the new plan for a ten percent discount applied to hybrid drivers who use EZ Pass on the Thruway.

The Green Pass will be available to drivers of vehicles that are certified at 45 mpg or better highway and meet stringent emissions standards for their model years. The Green Pass transponders will be a distinctive kelly-green.

EZ Pass users currently get a 10 percent discount over those who pay cash. The Green pass will give hybrid owners another 10 percent discount. The Thruway will be the first toll collecting agency to offer such discounts according to Bill Rinaldi, acting director of operation for the authority.

Drivers can apply on April 1st, but the discount won't be available until May 1st.

New York's governor Pataki wanted this discount as part of his Strategic Energy Action Plan. As part of that plan, hybrid car owners are also allowed to use the HOV expressway lane.

Source: TimesUnion.com

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