Five hydrogen hybrids in Burbank ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Five hydrogen hybrids in Burbank

Friday, March 17, 2006

Five hydrogen hybrids in Burbank

According to a press release by Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, five hydrogen hybrids, Toyota Prius, were delivered to Burbank as part of a program to develop and demonstrate hydrogen hybrid vehicles in Southern California.

Burbank, and four other cities including Ontario, Riverside, Santa Ana, and Santa Monica are participating in the program. Each city and AQMD headquarters will operate five hydrogen hybrids for five years each. Each location will also demonstrate hydrogen-fueling stations.

Hydrogen fueled vehicles are currently limited in range, but a hybrid should be able to travel farther between fill-ups. The biggest concern and drawback to hydrogen fueled cars is the possibility of fire.

Read the press release:Quantum Delivers Hydrogen Hybrid Vehicles to Burbank: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

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