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Hybrid Car Review: Hybrids top the Hottest Cars list

Monday, March 20, 2006

Hybrids top the Hottest Cars list

Three of the top 10 "hottest" cars in the US are hybrids. What are the hottest cars? Edmunds put together for CNNMoney the top cars that are selling closest to the vehicle's full sticker price; lowest amounts in rebates or other sales incentives; and shortest times spent on dealer lots before being snapped up by buyers.

Since the Prius is selling at 10 percent over the sticker price, without any incentives, and is spending an average of 9 days on the lot, it really ranks well. Of course, this is because the Prius is usually pre-ordered.

The Ford Escape has had it's sales slow down (for a hybrid) and is spending 36 days on the lot. Ford has also been offering 0% financing or $1000 back.

The car with the biggest price tag on this list is the hybrid Lexus 400h. With an average sticker price is $47,919, it's the only luxury vehicle on the list.

The hottest cars from CNNMoney/Edmunds: Prius, Mini Cooper, Pontiac Solstice, Scion, RX400h, Honda Civic, Rav4, and Ford Escape hybrid.

Ten hottest cars in America - Mar. 18, 2006

In a list of the 10 hottest cars now on the market, six of the 10 are products of the Toyota Motor Co. The Prius tops the list and all three of Toyota's low-priced Scion models are on the list, as well.

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