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Hybrid Car Review: Worried about buying a hybrid?

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Worried about buying a hybrid?

Seven common perceptions about buying a hybrid are covered by CNNMoney. These are legitimate concerns, but most are dealt with in a rational manner.

For instance, buying a hybrid to save money in the long run is probably a mistake. But then, who buys a car to save money? Buying a car is one investment that isn't about making money. Cars depreciate in value every day. You usually 'lose' several thousand dollars just by driving a car off the lot, so anyone who says you are going to make money by buying a car is selling you the car.

Buying a car today is all about choice. What's your budget? Can you only afford a used hyundai? Or are you able to buy something a little more? Once you have a price range, then take a look at the cars in that range. Perhaps a hybrid can be one of your choices, and if you're looking for a car that pollutes less and one that you won't have to take to the gas pump as often...

Another concern is about the hybrid battery. I've dealt with this issue a few times recently, and it is a scary thought for people. These rechargeable batteries do need special care for when they die, but then, so do all car batteries. They are also guaranteed for the life of the car.

A big concern for some people is the question of added cost when it comes to repairing your hybrid car. That's a legitimate concern, but not a likely one. As with all cars, if something goes wrong with a 'system', you'll have to take it to the dealer who is going to charge you a premium for the service to the vehicle. On the other hand, most repairs/upkeep on a hybrid can be handled by any mechanic. Also, hybrids wouldn't be getting such a high satisfaction rating if they weren't reliable cars.

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