Ford Hybrid sales increase over 100% ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Ford Hybrid sales increase over 100%

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ford Hybrid sales increase over 100%

Ford sales of the Escape Hybrid and Mercury Mariner Hybrid have increased in April. With incentives, gas price increases, and a major marketing push, sales of Ford hybrids had their best month ever, with 3420 units sold

The best sales month previously for Ford hybrids was September, 2005 when Ford sold 1808 Ford Escapes. Prior to that, they sold 1705 Ford Escape hybrids in April 2005. This month, Ford sold 3039 Ford Escape Hybrids and 381 Mercury Mariner Hybrids, an increase of 100% in the number of hybrids sold by Ford.

Sales of hybrids followed a similar pattern last year, with increases from month to month starting in January. But, the incentives seemed to have made a significant difference, propeling an increase in sales by over 100% from last month as well.

Month-Year Ford Escape Mercury Mariner Total
Jan-05 908
Feb-05 1092
Mar-05 1569
Apr-05 1705
Jan-06 801 97 898
Feb-06 1233 108 1341
Mar-06 1441 149 1590
Apr-06 3039 381 3420

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