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Hybrid Car Review: Ford Plug-In Hybrid?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ford Plug-In Hybrid?

Ford is trying to get in on the hype left over from GM revealing the Volt Plug-in hybrid at the Detroit show by putting it out there they are "considering plug-in products." Of course, they immediately go on to say the biggest challenge is the battery technology, getting themselves off the hook.

Source: Ford mulling plug-in hybrid vehicle - Automotive News

The story quotes Nancy Gioia, the director of Ford's hybrid program. She points out that plug-ins will be more expensive (larger batteries means more expense) and without federal tax breaks, she doesn't believe a large market exists.

Ford backed off its promise to build 250,000 hybrid vehicles by 2010 and has since focused more on alternative fuels. But at the same time, they are still building the Ford Escape Hybrid, the Mercury Mariner Hybrid and will be releasing the Mazda Tribute Hybrid.

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