Toyota Will Present Multiple Hybrids at the Tokyo Auto Show ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Toyota Will Present Multiple Hybrids at the Tokyo Auto Show

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Toyota Will Present Multiple Hybrids at the Tokyo Auto Show

Toyota is bring several new and 'old' hybrids to the Tokyo Auto Show this year. From new concepts like the 1/x and FT-HS to the Prius and Estima Hybrid, Toyota will be showing both their old hybrids off in a new light and their concepts for the future.

The 1/x is said to get twice the fuel efficiency of the Prius. To do it, they only had to remove 2/3 of the weight. The Hi-CT will enjoy plug-in status as well as an "edgy, urban" look. The FT-HS has been shown before. The FT-HS is the future of sports cars with an exciting style, hybrid style.

While those concepts are fascinating to think of, the most interesting hybrid to be shown will be the Crown Hybrid Concept, since it is supposed to go into production.

The hybrid car concepts to be displayed:1/X Hybrid Concept From Toyota

  • 1/x
  • Hi-CT (plug-in)
  • Crown Hybrid
  • FT-HS (Future Toyota Hybrid Sports)
According to the Press Release:

The 1/X (pronounced "one-Xth") is a concept vehicle that redefines from its very roots the idea of what it means to be environmentally considerate. Among its attributes, the vehicle—with a design that aims to harmoniously coexist with people and society—weighs only “1/Xth” that of other vehicles in its class.
  • Maintains an interior space on par with that of the Prius, with an aimed-for fuel efficiency that is double and a weight reduced to 420 kilograms (about one third the weight of the Prius).
  • Combines fossil fuel consumption-reducing FFV* technology and a plug-in hybrid powertrain with a displacement of only 500cc that allows charging from an external power source and a longer electric-motor cruising distance; thus, in addition to being adapted for energy diversity, emits less CO2 and contributes to the prevention of air pollution.
  • Locates the power unit beneath the rear seat (for a midship, rear-wheel-drive system) to contribute to an innovative and highly efficient package.
  • Adopts light but highly rigid carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) throughout the body frame to ensure superior collision safety, while allowing narrower pillars for a better field of vision.
* Flexible fuel vehicles: Vehicles capable of running on gasoline and ethanol,
etc., mixed in arbitrary proportions

The Hi-CT aims to offer a new "coolness" and new ways to have fun as a departure from conventional vehicles—an edgy, urban vehicle inspired by the thinking and lifestyles of youth.
  • Offers a new kind of automotive "cool" and sense of enjoyment.
  • Has a new look unconstrained by conventional vehicle size (length 3,330mm x width 1,695mm x height 1,780mm).
  • Adopts plug-in hybrid technology, which allows it to charge from an external power source and gives it a greater driving range when running on its battery-powered motor; by placing the battery under the floor, achieves a highly efficient cabin with a higher driver position.
  • Comes with an AC100V accessory socket that enables stored electricity—made possible by plug-in hybrid technology—to be used for a variety of applications.
  • Features a removable rear trunk and a deck where surfboards, bicycles and other equipment can be loaded.

The CROWN HYBRID CONCEPT's latest hybrid system, VDIM (Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management) and other features, result in an advanced fusion of driving, environmental and safety performance. The time has come to present the next-generation inspirational luxury sedan.
  • Comes with THS II*, which has a two-stage motor speed reduction device that helps achieve distinctively smooth acceleration, high fuel efficiency, low CO2 and other exhaust emissions and quietness.
  • Adopts a TFT (thin film transistor) LCD "Finegraphic Meter" to provide the driver with a variety of information in an easier-to-see and easier-to-understand way.
  • Ensures excellent vehicle stability and a high level of preventive safety through VDIM with active steering control, to achieve optimal balance among drive power, steering and braking.
  • Employs 10 SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) airbags for outstanding safety performance.
* Toyota Hybrid System

As a next-generation hybrid sports car, the FT-HS does not compromise in its aim of offering driving excitement and being environmentally considerate.
  • Offers the exceptionally smooth cruising of a hybrid vehicle combined with high fuel efficiency, reduced CO2 and other emissions and a quiet cabin, on top of the driving excitement of rear-wheel drive.
  • Features a hybrid system with a 3.5-liter V6 gasoline engine.
  • In addition to carbon-fiber wheels, uses special large-diameter and wide tires—245/35R21 up front and 285/30R21 in the rear.
  • Full attention paid to utility, despite being a 2 + 2 seat convertible coupe.
Outline of concept vehicles and TF107 F1 racing car
Vehicle name Total
Wheelbase (mm) Seating
1/X 3,900 1,620 1,410 2,600 4
RiN 3,250 1,690 1,650 2,350 4
i-REAL (low/high-speed mode) 995/1,510 700 1,430/1,125 485/1,040 1
iQ CONCEPT 2,980 1,680 1,480 2,000 4
Hi-CT 3,330 1,695 1,780 2,325 4
FT-MV 4,900 1,850 1,890 2,950 6
CROWN HYBRID CONCEPT 4,870 1,795 1,470 2,850 5
FT-HS 4,325 1,860 1,290 2,650 4
TF107 4,530 1,800 950 1

Lexus will be presenting the concept LF-Xh (see below for more info) and the production vehicle LS600hL at the Tokyo Auto Show.

LF-Xh (Global unveiling)Lexus LF-Xh
A specialty SUV based on the Lexus design philosophy of L-finesse and equipped with an advanced hybrid system
  • The combination of a powerful body and elegant interior gives this next-generation SUV a dynamic look and feel.
  • Application of "Lexus Hybrid Drive", which features a sophisticated fusion of superior environmental and power performance, seeks to achieve outstanding driving performance, quiet operation, high fuel efficiency and low emissions.
  • All-wheel drive is backed by a V6 gasoline engine and high-output electric motor hybrid system.
Total length: 4,800mm
Total width: 1,895mm
Total height: 1,650mm
Wheelbase: 2,850mm

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