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Hybrid Car Review: EnerDel Unveils Lithium Ion Battery Pack for Hybrids

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

EnerDel Unveils Lithium Ion Battery Pack for Hybrids

Lithium-Ion Battery Pack From EnerdelEnerdel, base in Indianapolis revealed a new lithium ion battery pack that is half the weight and half the size of what's in hybrid electric vehicles today.

Of course, the most important thing is it doesn't explode.

Enerdel is planning on delivering a working HEV with their battery pack in late December for road testing. Commercial production of the battery pack should happen in 2009. They hope to be the first to mass-produce the batteries.

During their press conference, Enerdel showed a video of a nail being run through its battery pack with no explosion or flames occuring, which is not necessarily a given for lithium-ion batteries.

US Congressmen Burton was at the unveiling. According to Burton "EnerDel is the wave of the future. Its cutting edge technology will help relieve our dependency on foreign oil."

See the press conference by following the link to EnerDel.

Enerdel recently received $6.5 million from the USABC to produce lithium-ion battery packs. The preceding link also has more information on the Enerdel battery pack.

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