Super Tuesday and Voting for Hybrid Cars ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Super Tuesday and Voting for Hybrid Cars

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday and Voting for Hybrid Cars

As I've mentioned before, if you vote for a candidate based on what car he/she is driving, then you really need to get your priorities straightened out. But, in case you're wondering, here are what the candidates are driving in on their campaign.

In the meantime, during their campaign, each of the candidates has addressed some of the energy issues.

Democrats on Energy Policy and Hybrid Cars
Hillary Clinton called for a national fleetwide average of 55 mpg by 2030. She would float $20 billiion in low-interest loans to automakers to retool old plants and invest $2 billion in battery research. She also called for a $10,000 in tax credits for those who buy plug-in hybrids, and would make the federal government purchase 100,000 plug-in hybrids by 2015.

Obama, as part of a joint effort with Cantwell and Hatch has laid out a plan to push plug-in hybrid development: Source: Cantwell, Hatch, Obama Announce Plan to Promote Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles | U.S. Senator Barack Obama

"One of the most immediate actions we can take to fight climate change is to dramatically reduce our oil consumption by pushing electric vehicles into the marketplace," said Obama. "We have the technology, but we must provide incentives for consumers and manufacturers so that it is made available to the driving public. Producing electric vehicles and energy efficient technology could help the U.S. auto industry regain its competitive edge."

Their plan will lay out a three-pronged strategy to promote Plug-in Electric Drive Vehicles (PEDVs), which would include pure battery electric, extended range electric, plug-in hybrid electric, and plug-in fuel cell vehicles.

First, their proposal would provide significant tax credits to consumers who purchase PEDVs. The provision will be patterned after the CLEAR ACT, sponsored and passed by Hatch as part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, which is currently providing financial incentives for consumers to purchase alternative fuel and hybrid electric vehicles.

Second, their proposal would provide tax incentives for the U.S. production of PEDVs and PEDV dedicated parts.

Third, the proposal would give incentives for electric utilities to provide rebates to customers who purchase PEDVs. These incentives would be scaled in a manner that would provide the largest incentives to utilities producing the greenest energy.

Republicans on Energy Policy and Hybrid Cars
John McCain has called the new CAFE standards a big step forward for the auto industry: Source: Romney, McCain in dead heat in Mich. - Decision '08-
McCain said increased fuel efficiency standards signed into law in December could help manufacturers develop cars that rely less on foreign oil.

"I have great faith in the auto industry that they'll be able to meet these ... standards, we'll move to hybrid cars, we'll move to hydrogen, we'll move to batteries, and I as president will do everything I can to help them do that," McCain told reporters after a campaign event in Warren.
McCain and Romney have both said they support California's fight for independent regulation of fuel economy
"I applaud the governor's efforts and that of other states in this region and other states across America to try to eliminate the greenhouse gas emissions that are causing climate change," said McCain.

Romney agreed, saying: "I side with states being able to make their own decisions, even if I don't always agree with the decisions they make."
Although Romney almost immediately backed off.
After the debate, Romney's campaign issued a statement in which he said that the federal government, not individual states, should set limits on carbon emissions.

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