Tesla WhiteStar Hybrid and Electric Sedan Expected in 2009 ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Tesla WhiteStar Hybrid and Electric Sedan Expected in 2009

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tesla WhiteStar Hybrid and Electric Sedan Expected in 2009

Tesla LogoTesla, made famous by it's powerful all electric car, the Roadster, is looking to extend it's reach. By 2009, they hope to have a hybrid and an all electric WhiteStar, a four-door sedan, on the road.

The hybrid version will be a range extending vehicle (REV), with a small gas engine included to help recharge the electric motor. Range extending hybrids are different from the gas-electric hybrids on the road today, since they are moved totally by the electric motor alone. The gas engine is just there to help recharge the battery packs.

The current estimate puts the all electric range at 40 to 50 miles, but the gas engine allows you to extend your range to 400 miles. The electric model will probably have a range half of the REV model, giving Tesla a wider audience to market their vehicles.

Tesla is placing the pricetag somewhere between $50,000 and $70,000, depending on the options. The gas-electric model will cost a little less than the electric model, but the difference is minimal.

Tesla is competing with GM and the Chevy Volt, which is expected to be on the road in 2010 and the plug-in Prius from Toyota, also expected in 2010. The pricetag also means they will be competing in the luxury car market. The Volt is expected to cost between $30-$40,000 (closer to $40,000), and that may be without the batteries (GM has floated the idea they would lease the battery packs to their customers).

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