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Hybrid Car Review: Hybrid Car Sales Are Spreading Out

Monday, July 07, 2008

Hybrid Car Sales Are Spreading Out

 Hybrid cars, because they are more expensive to purchase, tend to be bought by older, more affluent consumers.  But, as gas prices have skyrocketed, we've begun to see a big change in what people think is more economical.

We're also seeing a spread in where people are buying them.

In Massachusetts, according to a report from Traveler's Insurance, a majority of hybrids are bought in the more affluent, and more liberal, towns and cities.  But other towns are seeing huge jumps in hybrid ownership.

In the more affluent/liberal cities and towns, you still see the most hybrids:

  • Boston: 1,615 hybrid car registrations, an increase of 76%
  • Newton: 813
  • Cambridge: 705 
  • Brookline: 438
  • Lexington: 386
But towns you wouldn't necessarily think of are seeing huge increases in numbers:
  • Chelsea: 54 (350%)
  • Springfield: 98 (70%)
  • Pittsfield: 144 (73%)

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