Almost Half of All Cars Will Get Start-Stop Systems by 2015 ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Almost Half of All Cars Will Get Start-Stop Systems by 2015

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Almost Half of All Cars Will Get Start-Stop Systems by 2015

A new study predicts modified starters will reach 46% and belt-driven starter alternators will reach 35% for 2008-2015.  These start-stop technologies are common in hybrid cars and stop the gas engine from running when the car is stopped and/or at low speeds. 

The report is by Strategy Analytics Automotive Electronic Service and is called "Stop-Start Micro Hybrid Technologies: Winners and Losers."  The report follows a recent prediction by top environmental executives at GM, Chrysler and Ford at NextCruise.  The executives predicted start-stop technology may become universal equipment over the next five to ten years.

The report notes that Bosch has delivered on over 500,000 start-stop systems to BMW alone, while Valeo has promised more than a million systems to PSA Peugeot-Citroen by 2011.

 "Despite the onset of proposed Californian and European carbon dioxide mandates, and the new 35 mpg US federal requirement coming in 2020, OEMs were struggling to promote stop-start acceptance by consumers," says Kevin Mak, Automotive Electronics Analyst. "Recent design improvements have enabled progress toward volume production, while fleet CO(2) targets have encouraged car makers to pass on these economies of scale savings to consumers, and to offer stop-start as standard, as on the BMW 1-Series."

Chris Webber, Vice President for the Automotive Practice at Strategy Analytics, added, "By offering stop-start on a wider range of models at higher volumes, OEMs are able to reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions much faster, and at lower cost, than by deploying mild and full hybrid powertrains on niche models. These recent announcements represent a path forward for other car makers. Consumers, who are taking advantage of lower taxation charged against low emitting models or have recently been hit hard by fuel price rises, are now more aware of the value of stop-start."

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